Trip to Lee Quarry 7.08.2014


I think I am right in saying this was are first trip back to Lee Quarry in 2014, which is stupid considering how good a place it is! Me and Ryan took mark for his first proper trail mission! And we took my GoPro & Ryan’s camera to record the action!

So after finishing work we got ready and zoomed off to Lee Quarry to try and not get caught out by the light! But with Ryan’s chain snapping (Something always happens to his bike here) and Mark getting used to the trail climbs and descents we ran out of time to get up to Cragg Quarry before it went dark! But all in all it was a good trip and I set 5 personal records on strava which is always cool!

Take a look at a few of the pictures below:

(More will be added once Ryan sends me his footage)

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    • mannn my first comment on the website haha wooooo :D you wasn’t that bad though! you didn’t fall off like some ppl i know haha

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