Rivington Trail Map

Rivington Pike is a natural trail riding on a network of bridleway. So as such there are no MTB trail markings or grading.
The best thing to do is follow the map below. Or head up to the top and find your own routes!

Some of the top spots are White Coppice, the San Marino descent, the Shooting hut descent and the Two Lads descent. There also used to be a dedicated DH Trail but that has recently been flattened by the local authority’s! (Asses!)

One way to find these routes that are popular with all the local riders is to use segment search on Strava they are all marked on there.

The map numbers are distance indicators.
For more detailed map information click on the MapMyRide logo, top right of the map

Latest “Rivington” Trips:

N/A – To be updated

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