Preston Guild Wheel

Last night me and besty attempted The Preston Guild Wheel which is a 21 mile “Greenway” that encircles the city of Preston.

With neither of us ever having done it before we set off thinking following the signs and using are sense of direction would be enough without a map. We were wrong! We got lost probably 4 or 5 times, went under a bridge we where meant to go over and to top it all off we where chasing the light all the time anyway. And with no lights we had to cut are journey short and get back to the car.

In the end we managed to do 20 miles so it was a decent ride either way! But I will definitely take my time on the next mission there and try and complete the whole thing without incident! and also with a bit more air in my tyres!!

Here is the route we did that probably took about 3 miles off what it should of been, which we completed in around 1hr 50min.

Preston Guild Wheel

Here is a LINK to the Lancashire Council website with everything you need to know on how to get there etc. with a useful map that we should of looked at beforehand!

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