Lee Quarry Mission 31st Aug 14

Lee Quarry Mission with Ryan

So on Sunday me and Ryan decided to head off to Lee Quarry. The sun had come out and as a result we set off nice and early. Not before changing my inner tube for the 3rd time in a week though! (Damn sneeky thorn).

I knew it was probably the fittest id been since I started going to Lee Quarry or MTB as a whole and so as a result we decided to go for it as quick but enjoyably as we could. We took alot less rests if any at all really, and blasted are way around the red route up to the jumps. Slightly out of breath at points but nothing major, not surprising with the size of the hill at the beginning!

As is the case sometimes at Lee Quarry with it being on top of a hill it was really windy and as a result the jumps were pretty much a no go we got blown around that much. So we had a quick few goes for the cameras (we both brought cameras wooop, pictures to follow!)  and then set off up to Cragg Quarry.

With us using Strava to record are bike rides we quite often find ourselves going flat out to try and beat are previous records. And there’s one particular record I wanted to beat this time round, knowing my fitness was pretty good. The segment in question is the hill from Lee Quarry all the way up to the top of Cragg Quarry its about 1 mile of continuous uphill track and it really gets your legs working! But all the huffing and puffing is worth it once you get to the top. One because the journey back down is fast and awesome and two, because the views are brilliant as you can see below with a picture of Ryan and his bike!

Lee Quarry

Top of Cragg from Lee Quarry

So once we had come up and gone down, after a close encounter with some sheep, we headed back down towards the car park. But not before doing the last proper downhill red route with some jumps and single track through the trees, which is always a good way to end the day!

Once back we stopped are Strava sessions and waited patiently for are phones to upload the ride to see how we had done. I  managed to get 28 Personal records and Ryan got 29 so we were pretty damn pleased with that. Mostly because the segment record I wanted to do well in, which I spoke about before that goes up to Cragg Quarry got beat! woop. I actually managed to do it in 10 mins and 11 seconds taking well over a minute off my best time :) Ryan must of had a slow time getting up it last time he used Strava because he managed to smash his last record and slash it down by half!

Awesome ride, and we will be back to Lee Quarry very soon im sure!


Check out some of the other pictures from the ride below:


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