Lee Quarry 2013


Lee Quarry has to be one of my favorite trail centres! Its got plenty of big hills to keep you fit but also lots of downhill sections ranging from blue to black in difficulty, and because there not all that long you can do them again and again.

Its got pump tracks, skills areas and last but not least jumps! These are perfect for beginners to learn on but also big enough for “crazy” people to get some big air on as well.

Also worth mentioning is Cragg Quarry which you can bike to via a link trail that consists of about 1.5 miles of a slowly inclining hill, although a challenge to get to the top of it, the views are awesome once you get there.

And I don’t think there’s anything that comes close (That’s local) to going back down it full pelt for such a long distance. Its Brilliant!

Click the images for a larger view.


Lee Quarry (5)           Lee Quarry (6)           Lee Quarry (1)

Lee Quarry (2)           Lee Quarry (3)           Lee Quarry (4)


For full albums of are 2013 trips to lee quarry click the links below:

First trip with my GoPro – View

3/06/2013 – Evening ride with Ryan  – View 

19/06/2013- Another sunny ride with Ryan – View 

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