Grizedale Forest 26th August 2014

Grizedale Forest – Tough but fun MTB Trail!

After a few months of not biking at all, we finally seem to of got are lazy asses moving! This was are 5th weekend in a row of going out to a MTB Trail.

We were going to take a trip to Llandegla in Wales, but Ducki decided the weather didn’t look good so instead we opted to try out Grizedale Forest in the Lake District. With it being are first time here we weren’t quite sure what to expect.

The first 5 Miles were pretty much all up hill with the trail varying from single track (with copious amounts of slidey rock!) to never ending fire roads! For me that didn’t bother me to much because I know its going to give you a good workout! Once we got to the top though all the hard work started to pay off.. the views from the top are some of the best I’ve seen! You get to see some of the Lake Districts most awesome mountain views from the very top of Grizedale Forest.

Regrettably I was to lazy to charge my GoPro up (I wont make that mistake again) and so I only have one picture taken with my iPhone, which you can see below.

Grizedale MTB Trip

Grizedale Forest

Once we had caught of breath we made are way through the rest of the trail, which seemed to get better and better the closer to the end you got! It has some really fast single track downhill bits which for me made it all worth while! When we ended up back at the visitor centre we realised we had completely missed the black route section. So we asked a group of about 20 people all on Segways for directions, as you do. One guy knew exactly where we had to go and promptly gave us directions, which to are dismay meant going all the way back up to the top of the mountain. Thankfully this was a much easier route to get to the top. The picture above is of Ducki and Besty making it back up to the top after already doing the 10 mile red loop! tiring!

So the black route. Or “The Black” as the signs called it, has two routes you can take. The normal way or the double diamond with big drop offs way. As we hadn’t seen the track before or have any idea what was in front of us we decided on the normal way (Thank god!) This looked pretty new as it was really nice and clean trail. It had some steep and I mean steep berms that I struggled with and also some good table top jumps etc.. Worth going back to the top for? Id say so yea. But going back up to the top to go again for a second time for us, wasn’t an option as we were all knackered! So we headed back to the car.

I’m pretty sure we will go back to Grizedale Forest, even if its just to do the last half of the red route and a few runs of “The Black”.

Good ride! Can’t wait for next Sunday!


Check out the great website for the Grizedale Forest Mountain Bike shop at the visitor center here.

Grizedale Forest Trail Map

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  1. Was definatly worth the long climb n endless fire roads to fly down that last couple of section. Next time the double black is a must :)

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