Gisburn 17th Aug 2014

Having a trail centre like Gisburn so close to where we live is perfect! It has a 12 mile figure of 8 track through the hills and forests of Gisburn with a dedicated DH Line (I don’t go on it! yet!) it’s everything you need for a MTB enthusiast! Its got some pretty big climbs to keep you challenged but also has some brilliant red and black downhill routes as well, with the two main high points being “The Hope Line” and “Hully Gully”.

Me, Besty and Ducki went on Sunday morning bright and early! And we were one of three cars first to get there so the trails were nice and clear! The rain held off and the sun even came out! but it didn’t stop us getting absolutely soaked flying through some of the puddles!

For this trip I tried mounting my GoPro on the side of my helmet for a change, it worked well and I’ll be doing it this way more often, but maybe facing upwards a little more so I get the view in the picture, rather than getting my face and the floor in pretty much all the bloody shots!

Check out the Gisburn Forest website for more information as well as a trail map Here.

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