Gisburn Forest – Another cold morning

Gisburn Forest is definitely are favorite place at the moment. On Sunday we couldn’t decide where to go and so with the
Gisburn Forest 22nd Feb weather still being a bit unpredictable off we went to Gizzy. With the forcast for snow yet again we werent entirely sure what we would find when we got there, but luckily all the ice had finally melted and the inbound snow hadn’t yet reached us, so we unloaded our bikes from the car and off we went (cursing from the start at how cold it was). That always stops though by the time you get to the top of your fist incline and your trying to catch your breath.

Gisburn 22nd FebEven more so when you get to
the top of what is called
“Cardio Hill” which is a
categroy 4 climb and seriously warms you up by the time you get to the top! I had to walk half of it yesterday, to many beers at the weekend I think! Always worth the effort though just for the views you get at the top, as you can see from the two pictures.

From here as you should know by now if you have read my other posts or been to Gisburn yourself, its time for the “Hope Line” decent which is arguably one of the main reasons people come to Gisburn. Today I actually beat Besty by 45 seconds and “hope”fully lol! once the summer comes around and the track is all dried out I will finally be able to try and beat my PR and somehow claw back the 1 second that he’s still currently beating me by. Damn you!!! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

StravaAfter Ducks & Besty had an extra go on the jumps we all decided we were knackered and so headed back to the car. Good job really as once we had got back the snow had started to fall, and judging by some other peoples pictures from later in the day it had come down quite abit. It was then off to Subway to pile on the calories we had just burned off. Happy days!

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