Back on the bike


Back on the bike finally! After a period of time off. Its time to get the Strava stats going again for the year ahead.

We have had two trips up to the trusty Gisburn forest trail centre in as many weeks. It recently got voted No.1 Trail Centre in England again by and we had a great time as usual.

The 1st trip was a week after all the heavy snow fall, so we were unsure what the trail conditions would be like, as it turned out most of the snow had gone but it had left some nicely compacted sheets of ice on the fire roads, which was always amusing to see people valiantly try and cross before slipping off (Me included)!

The week after we ended up going as a three in Besty’s van for the first time which was miles easier, but as soon as we got there a few other people we knew turned up and we ended up going round the trail with a team of 8, which is always good fun! 3 of them had DH Bikes and so struggled slightly on the ups, but when we got to the DH Line they were awesome! Video incoming soon of them jumping the “Leap of Faith” once Ducki sends it me!

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