Healey Nab Trails

Healey Nab Trails

Healey Nab trails is a wooded mound of elevation about 300 ft. The Nab is LCC owned and has a group of MTB riders at “I Dig Healey Nab” who regularly maintain and improve the trails! At the trail-head there is an open clearing with many trails appearing to radiate outwards. A Notice board will […]

Grizedale Forest MTB Trip

Grizedale Forest 26th August 2014

Grizedale Forest – Tough but fun MTB Trail! After a few months of not biking at all, we finally seem to of got are lazy asses moving! This was are 5th weekend in a row of going out to a MTB Trail. We were going to take a trip to Llandegla in Wales, but Ducki […]

Gisburn Forest

Gisburn 17th Aug 2014

Having a trail centre like Gisburn so close to where we live is perfect! It has a 12 mile figure of 8 track through the hills and forests of Gisburn with a dedicated DH Line (I don’t go on it! yet!) it’s everything you need for a MTB enthusiast! Its got some pretty big climbs […]

Preston Guild Wheel

Preston Guild Wheel

Last night me and besty attempted The Preston Guild Wheel which is a 21 mile “Greenway” that encircles the city of Preston. With neither of us ever having done it before we set off thinking following the signs and using are sense of direction would be enough without a map. We were wrong! We got […]

Great jumps! Great View!

Trip to Lee Quarry 7.08.2014

I think I am right in saying this was are first trip back to Lee Quarry in 2014, which is stupid considering how good a place it is! Me and Ryan took mark for his first proper trail mission! And we took my GoPro & Ryan’s camera to record the action! So after finishing work […]

Lee Quarry Bike Shot

Lee Quarry – Bacup

Lee Quarry is not your usual trail centre, think of it as more of a massive oversize playground for mountain bikes. An ideal place to challenge your existing skills and improve them. The quarry is packed with drops, berms and other technical features you can spend all day sessioning. Lee Quarry can also be combined […]


Lee Quarry 2013

Lee Quarry has to be one of my favorite trail centres! Its got plenty of big hills to keep you fit but also lots of downhill sections ranging from blue to black in difficulty, and because there not all that long you can do them again and again. Its got pump tracks, skills areas and last […]

famer johns smaller

Farmer Johns MTB Park 2013

Farmer Johns MTB Park is a rider owned and run mountain bike facility situated just outside the village of Marple Bridge on the edge of the Peak District. Established and run by “Farmer” John Thorpe and his wife Jill. Me, Ducki and Ryan went here in the summer and its a fully dedicated downhill park […]

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Whinlatter Trip 2013

  This was are first time to Whinlatter back in June 2013, some of the climbs were BIG! But the views at the top, together with the awesome downhill black trails made it worth the climb!                          Click the images for a larger view! For […]